Blueberry Orchard

SABRE were engaged to construct overhead hail net shelter for protection of a blueberry orchard. This was a difficult site with the ground being made up of 3 metres of a peat structure over the top of white clay. (The existing ground was not stable enough to support any type of construction). In addition to this the water table was less than 1 metre which created waterlogged soil meaning any poles that were erected would possibly sink into the ground.

To mitigate these problems SABRE devised a bespoke system and enabled the structure to be built with success.

This project also had a tight construction timeframe so that the planting season deadline could be met. The client was already planting blueberries while the hail net was being finished.

The structure has since been tested with excessive winds and there has been no damage.


  • Complete assessment of site and design of bespoke system
  • Construction of hail net structure over 9 hectares.
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